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Working with LCUWP
We are accepting applications for student interns to join this project. Contact our Program Administration office for more details at (334)604-0047.
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LCUWP welcomes volunteers to help with community educational outreach in churches, civic groups, and neighborhoods. Contact the program administration office at (334) 604-0047 for more details.

Bid submission requirements include the following:
  • Must be a licensed level 2 installer.
  • Must not have been found guilty or signed a consent agreement in the past 3 years with the AOWB Licensure Board.
  • An email sent to Sherry Bradley and/or Leigh Willis with ADPH expressing interest in helping with the project. No further emails will be accepted.
  • Inlet pipe shall have a two way cleanout with a sewer popper added.
  • Tanks shall be filled two inches into the riser and not leak any more than two inches in a 24 hour period. All tanks will have a water tight test onsite. All tanks must come from a licensed manufacturer. If a leakage occurs, an additional water tight test will be performed after repairs to tank are made. Tank manufacturers are responsible for making all corrective measures.
  • Risers shall be installed per manufacturer’s installation instructions.
  • Inlets and Outlets of tanks shall have a flexible adapter boot with a required stainless-steel clamp. The boots will be installed into the tank by the tank manufacturer when the tank is constructed.
  • Tanks shall be installed with a minimum of 6” of sand around the tank and 6” of natural soil put on top of the sand to ground level. Tank must be a minimum of one foot deep to ensure grass will grow around surface.
  • All panels will be installed on the dwelling or Unistrut. If mounted on a Unistrut it shall be located as close to the dwelling as possible. All panels are to be 4-5 feet in height.
  • Wood is not allowed to be used at any time. Unistrut is to be used in its place.
  • Panels shall be SJE Rhombus or SSI simplex. Equivalent panels are acceptable.
  • Wire Junction boxes are not allowed. All wires shall reach a control panel without splices, unless specified by the manufacturer.
  • All float and pump wires will run through a separate conduit to the panel, unless specified by the manufacturer.
  • All wires will have a cord grip (gas seal) to ensure gasses do not travel through conduit into the control panel.
  • Any conduit or piping that enters the riser will have grommets for noise control, vibration isolation and water tightness.
  • All field lines with gravel shall be a SDR35 or greater.
  • If awarded the bid, the installer shall give a two-year warranty of craftsmanship for work performed.

All bids may be reviewed by a consulting firms in the Washington, D.C. area. ADPH and the Lowndes County Sewer Board look forward to working with you in the months to come.

Stay Safe!

Continue to visit our website for announcements, public meetings, enrollment information, and project updates. In consideration of COVID-19, public meetings will be provided virtually and will be archived here at


Donation Hotline: (334)604-0047
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